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What is Sim4globe SIM?
The Sim4globe is an innovative global roaming pre-paid SIM card, providing cost-effective solution for making phone calls and using data services when traveling. Bringing down cost of using mobile phone abroad up to 87%, Sim4globe offers instant and easy way to stay connected in 190 countries.
What phone number comes with Sim4globe SIM?
You will get a US (+1) local telephone number.
Does my phone need to be unlocked to use Sim4globe SIM?
Yes, your phone does need to be unlocked. An unlocked mobile device is one which is not tied to any particular wireless network.
How do I know if my phone is unlocked?
To find out whether your phone is unlocked, insert a SIM card from another operator into your phone. If it operates normally, it is unlocked.

If your phone is locked, you can ask your home cellular service provider for an unlock code. Alternatively, you can unlock it yourself by taking your phone to an independent phone shop or by trying one of the independent unlocking websites.
Can I browse the internet, check email, and use other data services with Sim4globe?
Yes. Check the Sim4globe rates page to see if internet access is available in your country of interest. To use data, ensure that "data roaming" and "mobile data" are switched ON in your phone settings and set a new APN on your phone.

Access Point Name (APN): aspenta
Authentication type: not set
APN type: default
Rest of options must be default.

Don't forget that some apps may use data in the background so when you are travelling make sure to only enable the apps you need.
Can I use Sim4Globe SIM in any country?
The Sim4Globe SIM works in more than 190 countries. Click here to see list of countries along with rates.
Are there any additional roaming charges?
There are no additional roaming charges. The rates you see listed on our rates page are the only rates you will be charged.
What different types of SIM sizes are available?
The 3-in-1 SIM Starter Kit includes a Nano SIM card with Micro and Standard SIM adapters.
What payment options are available?
At the moment, PayPal is the only payment method. If you do not have a PayPal account yet, it is really quick and easy to create one. Simply go to, click the blue ‘Sign Up’ button and follow on screen instructions. PayPal accepts all major credit and debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express.


How do I activate my Sim4globe SIM?
All you need to do is ensure that your mobile handset is unlocked and then simply insert Sim4globe SIM to your phone. You will receive a welcome text message including your Sim4globe phone number.

To use data with our SIM you will need internet (APN) settings on your phone.
APN -> ‘aspenta’ (without quotation marks)
Cellular Data -> ON
Data Roaming -> ON

Please click here for detailed instructions on how to input APN settings into your phone.
What is my phone number?
You will get a US (+1) local telephone number.
To view your phone number dial *101# and press ‘call’, your phone number will be then displayed.
Where can I find the rates?
The rates for all countries are listed here . Just select the countries you are calling from and to and click ‘Check’ button.
How do I set up Internet on my phone?
Please see the options below, depending on what phone type you have to set up Internet

Apple iPhone Manual Data Configuration:
  • Go to Settings > Cellular (enable) > Cellular Data Network > APN
  • In the APN field type the word: aspenta. Leave all other fields blank.
  • Please power your iPhone off and turn back on again and you should now be able to use data.
Android Manual Data Configuration:
  • Go to Apps > Settings> More Networks> Mobile Data ticked > Access Point Name > Menu Key > New APN
  • In the Name field type: aspenta
  • In the APN Field type the word: aspenta
  • Please power your phone off and turn back on again and you should now be able to use data.
Windows Phone Manual Data Configuration:
  • Go to Settings> Mobile + SIM > Data Connection (Enabled)> SIM Settings > Manual Internet APN (Enabled)> Add Internet APN > APN
  • In the APN Field type the word: aspenta
  • Please power your phone off and turn back on again and you should now be able to use data
Please click here for detailed instructions on how to input APN settings into your phone.


How do I make calls?
You must always dial the complete number including the country code of the number you're calling. For example, if you are dialing a USA number, you will need to dial using this format: +1-222-333-4444

To make a phone call, we use what’s known as a ‘callback’ service. Making a call is easy. Simply dial the number and press ‘call’. Your call will disconnect momentarily and then your phone will ‘call you back’. Just answer as normal and you’ll be connected.
How do I send and receive text messages?
Do what you normally do. Remember to include plus sign and country code when sending text messages.
How do I receive a call?
Your contact can call you at your Sim4globe number. When your phone rings, just press the answer key.
How do I check my balance?
Simply dial *108# and press call - your balance will then be displayed. You can also view your balance by logging in to your online account.
How much it will cost people to call me?
People calling you should refer to their phone provider to confirm how much it will cost to call a US number.
Is receiving text messages free?
How do I top up/recharge my Sim4globe SIM?
You can recharge your SIM on our website or by logging in to your online account . Simply choose the amount and make the payment. Once the transaction has been authorized, you will receive a confirmation by text and email.
How do I view my usage history?
You can monitor your voice, SMS and data usage in real time through personalized online account. To access your account, click here.
Will my credit expire?
Sim4globe credit lasts for 365 days from last made call or sent a text message. This means that your credit will not expire as long as you are using Sim4globe SIM at least once a year.
How can I manually select a network?
Sim4globe automatically selects the network with the lowest rates. You may manually select different network in your phone settings. If you want to use data, make sure to select one of the networks listed as ‘Data Network” at Sim4globe rates page.
Can I send MMS?
Unfortunately, our service does not support MMS.
What should I do if my Sim4globe SIM card is lost or stolen?
Contact our Customer Support as soon as possible to suspend your SIM. Sending a replacement SIM card costs $10 plus shipping & handling charges.
How do I get support?
We do our best to cover all the potential questions on our FAQ. If you cannot find the answer to your question, you can submit your support request or questions by contacting us at We will answer within 24 hours.


How do I sign in?
Go to If this is your first time using the user panel, use your Sim4globe phone number as login and your 4-digit PIN number (printed on the back of the plastic SIM holder) as password.
I forgot my password, how do I access my account?
Restore your password to default by dialing *104#.
How do I check my usage history?
Login to your online account and select ‘Call history’ to view your call and SMS history. Select ‘Data Usage’ to view your data usage history.


Where can I get Sim4globe Global Roaming SIM?
You can purchase Sim4globe SIM from our online store.
When will my order ship?
We ship orders the next business day (orders made on Friday will ship Monday). We use USPS for all US orders which includes a tracking number once shipped.
Delivery is 1-3 days depending on your location.
Do you ship internationally?
At this time, we only ship to addresses within the United States. We are looking to expand to other countries in the future.


Unable to connect to a network
In cases where the signal is weak, we recommend manually searching for available networks to seek a better connection.

Settings-> Wireless and Networks -> Mobile Networks -> Network Operators -> Search Networks

Settings -> Carrier -> Search

Settings / setup -> Network / Operator -> Search new network
Unable to place outgoing calls
To make a phone call, we use what’s known as a ‘callback’ service - you make a call as normal but instead of the call being an outgoing call the call is disconnected and you receive an incoming call connecting you to the number you dialed. Making a call is easy:

1) Dial the number including plus sign and country code (i.e. + 13201234567) and press ‘call’.
2) Your call will disconnect momentarily and then your phone will ‘call you back’.
3) Just answer as normal and you’ll be connected.
Unable to receive incoming calls
Please make sure that:

- You have enough funds to receive the call - dial *108# to check your balance
- The SIM is connected to a network - often switching your phone off and on will repair any temporary network issues.

If you are still unable to receive phone calls, please contact us at and we will make test calls to identify the issue.
Unable to activate the SIM
Please make sure that the SIM card is inserted correctly and that your mobile device is fully unlocked by your cell phone provider.
Unable to connect to the internet
Make sure that:

- your APN is set to 'aspenta' (without quotation marks)
- cellular data and data in roaming is enabled
- data is available in the country you are traveling in. You can check availability at
- You have enough funds to use data - dial *108# to check your balance

If you are still unable to use data please send us an email at including screenshot of the APN Settings screen.
Text messages are not being delivered
Make sure you input the number in an international format, start with a plus sign (+). Then, write the country code, followed by the full phone number. For example, the United States number 123-4567 with area code 320 would be written as +13201234567. (1 is the country code).